Petrov firm is incredible for hiring the experience house manager (домоуправител) for the residential building. They create a system which works effectively to provide the services for the building and satisfy the needs of the building owners. Every residential building needs a home manager who takes care of the condominiums of the residential building and other requirements of the building which are a security system, laws of condominiums and address problems. A professional manager will know about every detail about the building such as building owner detail, essential things of the residents, funds, and money in general safe and many more.

Services of Petrov:

  • Emergency call: If you hire the professional home managers from the Petrov firm, so they offer the service of 24×7 hours of emergency call service for the entire year without taking any leave. You can call them anytime from anywhere and take help from the experienced home managers of the Petrov firm for your residential building. The skilled manager will know about the condition of the condominiums of the residential building. In these days finding the skilled and talented manager is a very difficult task to do.
  • Professional managers: Each residential building needs a домоуправител which can tackle the entire problems of the residential building. At Petrov, you can hire professional home managers for your work and suitable for your job. They have experienced team of manager who knows how to do the work properly and resolve the problems of the building. Fir hiring you can contact this firm by email and by calling, or you can also visit their office. They also build a system which works in effectively to give the top-notch service to the residential building and satisfy the needs of the clients.
  • Affordable price: Hiring the experienced home manager from the Petrov, then you also have to choose the package of Homemaker which cost is around 3.99 lv. In this package, they will cover the various services which are an organization of meetings, development and management budget, owners’ book, Hygiene and maintenance, qualified person to visit for an inspection, renovation of EU. They also offer the customer supports service for 24×7, emergency call support, etc.
  • Transparency: Their managers also create the monthly reports of the finance, budget implementation, collection of fees and other payments made in the buildings. They also know each detail about the residents of the people and their essential things, building owners name, funds and money in the generally safe and many other things. They easily resolve the problems of the organization and also save your conflicts in relation with your neighbors.
  • Variety of services: At Petrov, they offer a variety of services which comes in additional services such as housekeeping, cleaning services, maintenance and many more. Visit their official website and chose the service you need for your residential building. They offer the three different type of package which are Home Manager, Cleaning and Kassier, etc.