The name “Woodlands” already makes it evident that the area referred to once used to be a huge patch of dense greenery, in the Northernmost areas of Singapore, covering an approximate area of 4.8 square kilometers. But now, the area doesn’t flaunt the woods anymore, but a modernized and facilitated residential community. Woodlands, at present, hosts luxurious shopping malls, recreational centers, and many more, along with lush green parks to hold on to the roots of the land and its glory. Woodlands have eventually grown into an idyllic home for people around the country and even beyond, hence why you should not give up on your chance to buy one home for yourself, through the resale of 4 room HDB flat for sale in Woodlands.

The growth prospect of this highly esteemed property 

  • Even though Woodlands has witnessed immense development over the past years since its inception, it can still be regarded as an immature real estate. But eventually yet steadily, the change is about to step in to change the game.
  • It can be predicted to flourish at higher rates in the future, just not by mere words, but by the Singapore Government’s identification of Woodlands to possess the high potential of growing into the “Star Destination Of The North.” This has influenced the commencement of planning to improvise Woodlands into a Regional Center. And once this residential area with potential hits this benchmark, statistics seem to ensure a massive influx of industrial, residential and not to mention commercial development in all aspects, accompanied with research and science.
  • Another significant prediction states that the green and fertile soil of Woodlands can also fetch itself the title of the Northern Agri Tech and Food Corridor of Singapore, possibly by the end of the 2030s.

The Proximity, Amenities, and every essential component to a complete home

Woodlands is located strategically, in proximity to the city center yet aloof from the extremities of the city. It creates a healthy balance of both convenience and mental sanity.

  • Connectivity like Never Before

With an already existing facilitation within the boundaries and proximity and advantages to 2 prospective projects of Singapore- the Rapid Transit System (RTS) link and Thomson East Coast (TEC) line, not only present, but Woodlands is future proof.

  • Greenery all around

The 11ha scenic beauty of Woodlands Waterfront Park is all a nature lover would need. Go on a walk, cycle, play, and enjoy your heart out in the breathable greenery.

And that is all that would fit in an article of limited words, still unable to cover all the facilities Woodlands is capable of providing you with. Go ahead and book one for you on resale of 4 room HDB flat for sale in Woodlands and live your life as you should.