Executive condominium is the option through which you will be able to have a comfortable living. The process of buying EC can be done in two various methods like buying from the developer or obtaining from an owner. Here in this article you will learn about the steps included with buying an EC from developer. There are 9 steps included within the buying and they are

  • Check out eligibility

EC is referred to a type of hybrid residence where you will be sanctioned along offspring of HBD living. To attain this living, you should certain eligibility and that includes public scheme, finance scheme, orphan scheme and joint single schemes. If you are in the progress towards obtaining an EC, you need to have any of the scheme eligibility.

  • Sort out financial perspective

Next to eligibility, you should have the financial determination and affordable factors. The stages of financial crisis include approval with principle amount, checking for CPF funds, checking out miscellaneous fees and so on.

  • Shop around

Later you have to spot a comfortable EC which will shortlist the interest of information over direct attention of HBD. The shortlisted interests are taken to processing with inspection of comfort. Along with this information, we need to get further detailed contact and interest.

  • Submit application

This process is done to officially carry out certain development launches and this includes each interest criteria and application purchases within registered interest.

  • Book your flat

While you book for the applicant launch of Parc Canberra Hoi Hup EC, you will have the opportunity to get your view on certain factors and view along each processing and means to have higher chances of units.

  • Hire legal representative for loan

As you wait for good time around with the action of buying condo, you will need an expert lawyer to process each competitive deal around with the help of secured documentation.

  • Sign agreement

Later when you have obtained the loan, you will have access to various documents and other copies. The arrangement of legal documents and few other ownership agreements has to be prepared along banking. The copy of these options is taken to next step of processing and this holds over various factors of processing within signing criteria.

  • Make the payment

Once the signing process is done, it is time to make the payment for what you buy. You do not have to confirm about the secured deal and various other processing. The simple and last process is payment which is easy to handle.

  • Collect key

After you pay for the property, you can gain access to EC with the handover of keys. It is actually easy to make clarity of property issues and the investing factors are consulted with regain option.