Smart homes refer to a modern house that furnishes electronically regulated services, security and comforts. It is a technology for a better lifestyle that helps in household activities. Smart homes are houses with technologically progressive operations to facilitate domestic work automation. Smart homes are also enabled to assist persons with special demands and to old people. Smart care solutions created an automated system for disabled and old people.

Features of the smart home:

  • Automation- can include automatic appliances or perform computerized operations.
  • Multi functional – can perform numerous duties.
  • Adjust ability – can be adjusted or modified to meet the necessities of users.
  • Interaction –can permit interaction with and among users.
  • Efficiency – can accomplish many activities.

This saves time,effort, money, provides security and also make disabled persons independent.Smart care homes are with pre-programmed controls which assists the disabled and old people. Many tasks can be fulfilled like lightning, temperature of the room, window operation, door controls , etc.

Smart homes for household tasks automation

Smart care technologies for disables and old people:

The smart care idea is promoted nowadays due to many reasons. In this modern society,anything is chosen for comfort. So many people are attracted to smart homes.Smart care designed an automated system for old and disabled persons.Many features are added to smart care for better security and comfort.

In the case of security,

  • doors have computerized lock that can be opened without a key and secured with a password or fingerprint. Door entry has video systems that can be connected to the mobiles of people outside the home and can help the disabled or old to assist in opening the door.
  • Medical monitoring such as pulse, blood pressure can be assessed at regular intervals and data can be delivered accordingly.
  • CCTV videos can help persons in the house to stay safe and secure. Everything in and around the house can be seen by a person outside or inside the house.
  • The condition of the patient can be monitored according to the CCTV videos and can attend as soon as possible in case of emergency
  • Personal alarms can be fixed near disables persons so that you get notified in case of emergency.
  • Food and medicines timings can be set priorly so that it notifies to the disabled and old persons on time.
  • Potential hazard sensors are used to sense any gas or smoke in the house and give you an alarm sound.