The first impression of your property can influence how quickly it sells and how quickly you move into your new home.  Even if it was a special interior feature that drew you in, it is likely that the exterior helped you feel welcomed as you walked inside Mauna Lani condos for sale.

Consider this when you prepare your home for sale in Hawaii, and consider things like replacing or tidying up your landscaping, as well as sweeping your front porch of any leaves, cobwebs, or other trash. Little changes like a fresh coat of paint on your front door and new address numbers can help you find your luxury home in Hawaii and give it a new look. The first things that potential homebuyers see when they walk into your home will set the tone for the rest of the tour.

Help people feel as if the home is ready for them to move into, rather than preventing someone from crossing your home off their list because they believe there will be more work to do when they move in.


The entryway, like the front of the house, will draw their attention and welcome them inside. Many individuals enter their houses through the garage, but a realtor would most likely bring them in through the front entrance for a tour. Because many people do not move in this manner on a daily basis, it is easy to overlook in Hawaii.

Mauna Lani condos for sale

Add a small table or chair with a throw pillow to the entryway, as well as a basket to capture extras like shoes and umbrellas. Use statement objects to offer a dash of colour, and a lamp on a table to lighten the space and add visual interest. Clean up the area by touching up paint or cleaning scratches off the walls of the luxury real estate.

Walls should be painted

A solid neutral paint colour is one method to make your home feel more modern and fresh. While you may adore that magnificent red kitchen, bright colours can often deter potential buyers from purchasing a luxury property in Hawaii, and some colours might make interiors appear smaller, causing them to miss out on the home’s full potential. Bold or specialised colour schemes might be used when painting rooms or walls.

Speak with your Agent

Use your Mauna Lani condos for sale to provide ideas for improvements you can make as you prepare to list your house. Most brokers have seen hundreds of houses and have a good idea of what sells quickly and what takes a bit longer. The sooner you sell your property, the sooner you can move into your dream home