Everyone wants to stay in a neat and clean house. The floors must be cleaned regularly as the floors have huge chance of dust accumulation. The floors of our house have a lot of dirt that  we assume. Every dust particle can’t be seen with our eyes. The floors are exposed to the dust present on your footwear. Most of the dirt is accumulated due to the dust on our feet as we move in and out of the house. Some people love to have pets in their houses. When the pets roam in your house, you need frequent mopping of the floors. The floors are filled with the fur of your dog and you need to clean the floor regularly as they can easily fly in the air. There is also chance of contamination of the food when you have excess dust or dog hair. Even there is chance of growth of microbes when you don’t mop your floor regularly. When you have children in your house with age less than three years, they spend most of their time on the floor of your house. People who have children of that age must be cautious about mopping your house regularly. If you require deep clearing of floors, you can use magic eraser mop. Using this mop will scrub off dried stains easily as the mop cleans the floor with the help of detergent.

magic eraser mop

How to use mop for cleaning your floors?

  • There are different types of mops available in the market. You can choose any of them according to your comfort. Some mops have more specifications for cleaning your floors in an easy way. The mops have the advantage of cleaning the floor even at the corners of the floor.
  • The mops have the handle at one end for holding it during cleaning. The handle may have the sponge or foam for making the person feel comfortable while they clean the floor.
  • The other end of the mop is designed in different ways. The cleaning end of the mop may be made of cloth that is attached permanently to the handle. The mop may also have the cloths attached to it and can be removed after using the mop. You can wash it and reuse it again after cleaning your floor.
  • You need to hold the handle and make the mop wet with the water. Later you can clean the floor by moving all around the house. Even some mops have the adjustable length option so that you can use according to your requirement.You can easily clean your house with the help of mop without much strain.


Hope you are clear with the importance of using mop to clean the floor.