Trees are the most important living things in the environment as they support lives. They do this by absorbing large amounts of harmful carbon gases from the air thus purifying it. They provide shelter and they are the main source of food we eat ask any tree surveyor they will tell you. Did you know that the clothes you wear were made from fabric made from some kind of a plant? That’s the cotton harvested from pyrethrum. We pride ourselves in gifting one another flowers and obtained from rose plants. How come we forget the subtle importance of trees that we risk destroying a whole forest lodging wood for timber? How come we value money more than the source of money? If everyone was really keen on caring the trees, then we would be living in the best environment ever. There are a few things maybe we missed when going to school and that’s very understandable.

We only focused too much on algebra languages and sciences. But the environmental science was not taken seriously and few people who have some affinity to the environment would opt to take a specialization in environmental sciences. It is funny how we assume that we understand the environment yet we don’t work hard to keep it safe. And if we try to do so by planting more trees we don’t know where to plant which tree. We don’t understand what happens when a tree is hazardous but tree surveyor does. We only wake up and decide to plant trees then go to the nurseries and buy the tree and plant them just anywhere we find a gap. This is wrong and we need to address the problem by including tree surveyors in our plans so that they take charge and guide us to the tree care.

tree surveyor

The little care on trees goes a very long way and so is when some professional know-how is included in developing and stabling trees in a compound. A tree does not only require watering and fertilizing but it requires various examinations throughout life. Just like you hire a consultancy for your business, your trees may require a specialized consultant to guide on what should be done and what should not be done. A tree surveyor would also be able to take liability in case the trees become hazardous to the environment. Yes, I said hazardous because a tree may become harmful when it damages property, accidentally falls damaging property and even lives. Now you know hay you need a tree consultant to carry out tree survey on your firm and help you work on a well-planned environment plan

When people hear of tree surveyor they think that these people would just drain money out of their pockets for something insignificant. However, it is not true. Some of these services are very affordable and will save you from great liabilities you have never imagined