When buying an awning, what are the most common mistakes , i.e. the ones that are easier to run into? Choosing to place an outdoor awning represents an extremely useful element, both from the point of view of energy saving, but also functional, filtering direct sunlight. During the purchase phase, however, it is necessary to be careful to avoid making mistakes that could compromise the functionality of this element , as well as the aesthetics of the building where it will be positioned.

But what are the most common mistakes and mistakes when buying a tent? Here is a list of the main ones not to commit replacement picture windows in San Antonio.

Do not take into account the orientation of the balcony, window or terrace that you want to equip with awning. Therefore, depending on the exposure, the following situations will arise:

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If it faces south , the sun will be direct at noon

If exposed to the west the sun will hit the area throughout the afternoon

If positioned to the east the sun will hit the area sideways in the morning

If it faces north it will hardly ever be exposed to the sun, it will be very cold in winter and cool in summer.

Choose a fabric that is not suitable for the context but also for the functionality we are looking for . This element will be the one that will ensure protection from the sun’s rays, which is why even the color will have a certain importance. Choosing a very light curtain will attract less heat, but you will have less shielding from the sun’s rays, compared to a dark curtain, therefore you risk creating an excessively bright environment. The texture of the fabric is also important , the thicker it is and the greater the UV protection.

Do not pay attention to the structure , which is a fundamental element to guarantee the stability and durability of the tent. It must therefore be robust, made with quality materials and suitable for prolonged exposure to atmospheric agents.

Underestimate the importance of the box thinking only of the open awning. It is good to keep in mind that in the cold months the use will be practically nil and having a awning equipped with a box inside which the cloth will be wrapped, will protect the fabric from bad weather and harsh temperatures, extending its life.