Chalk paint is one popular option for painting furniture and cabinets. Because of its easy application and odourless nature, many have started preferring this paint for their furniture. All old furniture can be given a new look with the help of new look. There is no need to dispose the old furniture as the antique furniture can be made into a piece of art with chalk paint where a matte finish can be obtained here.

The Preparation

Any wooden furniture which needs to get a new look and which needs remodelling can be chosen for applying this paint from The appropriate chalk paint board and he suitable color should be chosen here. One can go with the available colors or there is the option to get a new custom color by applying the same color for several coats. The necessary materials for application like wax, tape, brushes etc should be gathered before the process itself. When the chalk paint is applied it is better to do it in an area where there is plenty of air circulation and a place where there is plenty of lighting. Since this paint does not have any odour, keeping it in a space where there is plenty of air circulation will make sure that the paint dries up fast. Also making sure the entire region is clean will ensure that there is no dust getting stuck to the newly painted furniture. Before the application of the chalk paint the furniture should be prepared. There is no major preparation required here other than the patching up of any kind of dents and removal of all oils.

The Application

Once all this is set then cover all the portion of the furniture which does not require any painting with the help of tape. Now try applying the chalk paint on the furniture on a trial basis as a sample. By testing out the paint on a small portion of the furniture one will be able to see how the furniture will look after the application of the paint. Once the look is confirmed then the first coat of the paint can be applied. For the next coat of the paint, the brush can be dipped in the paint can directly and applied thereafter. There is no need for any kind of primer here. Since the first coat of the paint will be raw there is a possibility that the brush strokes will be visible here. But this will be made smooth after the second coat of the paint is applied. If here is any confusion in this application it is better to check out the process at For finishing the furniture can be distressed and wax can be applied in the end.