Concrete is hard, but even it can develop cracks. These cracks in your driveway, patio, or walkway don’t just compromise your home appeal but are also a tripping hazard. You must not let these cracks linger for a longer time. Concrete installations can last for ages but gaps, holes, and cracks are developed sooner or later for a whole range of reasons. You must take the necessary steps at a time to prevent the cracks to develop into bigger problems. Patching cracks in concrete is one of the ways to solve the issue.

Solutions based on types of cracks

Looking for a solution to fix the cracks in concrete depends on what kind of cracks have arisen, like narrow or broad cracks.

patching cracks in concrete

  • Narrow cracks

These cracks can easily be filled with concrete crack filler with the help of a caulking gun. You can also go for vinyl concrete patching.

  • Broader cracks

For broader cracks, you can use concrete repair mortar. It is the most suitable solution to this.

What is concrete repair mortar?

Before heading ahead, let’s understand what concrete repair mortar is. If you have tried patching cracks in concrete before, you might have come across situations when unsightly crack lines are left. It can be because of the use of incorrect material for repair.

Concrete repair works can only be fulfilled with specialized mortar – be it fixing a flooring structure, building, or corrosion due to reinforcements. Repair mortar is an ideal solution to fix any and everything from your concrete patios to floor patches. It is also cost-effective that put concrete in its almost-original state.

Kinds of concrete repair mortars

You have options in repair mortars also, primarily two – cement and epoxy repair mortars. Both these are readily available with strong adhesion to provide smooth finishing. However, the repair quality of both of them varies and can be used for different purposes.

Buying concrete repair mortars

Plenty of concrete repair mortars can be seen in the marketplace which you can also purchase online. You must pick the best one. There are mortars for different intensities of cracks – hairline type or bigger ones. You may feel overwhelmed to buy a mortar.

At ARDEX, you will find quite an expansive catalog of concrete repair mortars. Whatever the type of concrete issue you have, the solution can be found with just a little effort. The mortars are of the highest quality according to industry standards. If you are unsure of the type of mortar you should use, the technical experts at ARDEX will help you.