When it comes to cleaning, the old ways still stand strong. The methods of our grandmas developed over decades have stood the test of time. Save money and reduce time spent scrubbing now when you take advantage of these old school cleaning practices

Clean anything with a healthy dose of baking soda

Baking soda is one of those vintage tricks that make a real difference in your wallet. A big bag of baking soda can be had for cheap, and does wonders for dull floors and counters. Baking soda acts as a slight abrasive to brighten any surface. Simply mix with water and scrub!

Freshen your faucet and shower head with vinegar

Got a shower head or a faucet that’s spraying? A common culprit is scale that’s built up over time. The acid in vinegar targets water scaling, breaking it down to allow the easy flow of water. Fill a sandwich baggy with distilled white vinegar and attach to the faucet or shower head with a rubber band. Leave it there for several hours and be amazed at how well the water runs afterwards.

Brighten whites safely and cheaply with lemon juice

No one likes the smell of bleach, or the risk of staining your clothes with it. That’s where lemon juice comes in handy. Soak your whites in a bathtub full of lemon juice and hot water for an hour or two. Then run them through the wash for good measure and hang them to dry in the sun.

Open your windows for a natural air freshener

Air freshener can work as a quick fix, but it won’t last long. Plus, guests may find the chemical smell of some air fresheners to be obtrusive. Air out your house the natural way and open all your windows at once. The airflow will stream through every room, revitalizing the environment and making everything feel fresh without unnatural scents.

Make your own rags from old fabric

It’s so easy to go through a roll or two of paper towels on cleaning day, and those dollars add up. They’re not the eco-friendliest option, either. Rags can be more absorbent than paper towels and they’re reusable, too! Simply cut up old T-shirts or sheets into squares and pull one out whenever you need to wipe up a spill or wash a counter.

Double your kitchen sponges by cutting them in half

This is a clever trick that will surprise you with its simplicity. Cut your sponges in half to effectively double the amount you get with every purchase. Most rectangular sponges reduce to two tidy squares when snipped, making them easier to maneuver when washing narrow cups and jars. A full-size sponge can get smelly quickly, so cutting in half helps you get as much cleaning power as possible out of every sponge.

Keep up with cleaning by tackling something small every day

A full day of holiday cleaning takes a lot of energy. Save time and your sanity and allot yourself a small cleaning task every day. Whether it’s scrubbing the bathroom sink, washing the bedroom windows or cleaning out your produce drawer, just one task a day is a great way to keep up to date on your home’s maintenance.