In 2020 alone, the painting industry generated more or less $4 Billion in revenue. Although it is not all from commercial painters, it is still a very in-demand business despite the rise of online shopping. As a matter of fact, with every store that closes in the retail industry, another five open up. But if businesses attract and keep clients, they need to ensure that their store looks bright and pristine.

That is why hiring a commercial painter is very important. These professionals can help homeowners, and business owners save money, time, and energy. They can even recommend other expert contractors for more advanced service. If you are looking for advice on hiring the best painting firm for your next property improvement project, you need to keep reading this article.

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Ask around for referrals for qualified painters

If a person owns a brick-and-mortar shop, there is a big chance that they know other business owners. If they know of a property that recently undergoes an office renovation, they can ask these property owners for a reputable referral. If you see a shop with an excellent paint job, you can ask them what firm does the job for them. Always ask the individual providing the referral to what they liked least and best about working with the said commercial painting firm.

Read reviews and testimonials on the Internet

If property owners cannot get a referral from people they know, the next best thing they can do is to go to the Internet to do some thorough research by themselves. Using keywords or phrases like “commercial painting contractors in the area” can help people immediately find the nearest contractor in their area.

While people may notice a lot of national or brand name painting firms listed, it might be a good idea to go local. Local companies are more invested in developing a close relationship with property owners than brand-name firms or national chains will.

Check the company’s presence on the Internet

Reputable painting firms will have a robust online presence. Individuals need to check out things like:

  • Social media pages
  • Website
  • Better Business Bureau accreditation
  • Blog articles
  • Industry updates and news
  • Project gallery or portfolio

Check the Internet if there are online testimonials and reviews about their services. People will get a better look and understanding of what they can expect based on others’ experiences.

Make sure that these contractors are insured and licensed

While it might be pretty tempting for people to try to save themselves a couple of bucks by hiring individuals who know how to do a painting job, it is not a good idea. There are reasons why local and state laws require these professionals to carry insurance and properly licensed government agencies. If the professional people hire decides they don’t want to finish the project, the property owner is left having to hire another contractor to finish the job. It will cost them more money, time, and energy.

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No refund if the painters are not adequately insured

If the client is not satisfied with the result of the paint job, they may have to hire another contractor to do the job again. They certainly will not get a refund, even a partial refund. Property owners always need to ask the professional for a copy of their insurance certificate and business license. This way, even if the contractor didn’t finish the task or did a poor paint job, they are covered by the insurance.

Find out what the requirements are

Before hiring a painting professional or company, homeowners need to find out all the building codes and requirements they need to follow or adhere to. They could also find out what vision they have for their space so that the contractor can provide them exactly what they want. Not only that, they may need to find a professional who can also perform other tasks like:

  • Putting water repellant epoxy to the locker room
  • Custom color coding and color matching
  • Creating signage and graphics

It is an easy task to hire one firm to perform different projects for you. It will keep the cost a lot lower by bundling various services, and it is also a lot easier for property owners to manage one contractor instead of managing more than one company.


Interview a couple of companies

While it looks good enough just to hire the first contractor property owners to come across, they will be a lot happier with the results if they compare more than one firm. They can find three to five firms that they like, then start eliminating by asking them some questions about their business like:

How long have they been in this kind of business?

How much do they usually charge for the type of project, the client has in mind?

What are other painting-related services their firm provides?

Do they do custom jobs?

What materials and types of techniques do they use?

Do they outsource some jobs, or are they doing all the work in-house?

Some of these questions can help homeowners understand if they are the right BBB Rated Painters to handle the project they need to complete.

Watch out for warning signs

Homeowners need to trust their instincts. If they feel that a contractor is saying one thing, but they may deliver something different from what they have in mind, they always have the guts to walk away. A lot of firms will unknowingly provide people a few red flags before they start the project, such as:

  • Not responding to online complaints or other platforms
  • Not providing people with enough reference
  • Refusing to answer client’s questions.
  • Online reviews from past clients that mention inconsistent quotes, missed deadlines, and slow service.

People need to remember that if a firm starts by not answering clients’ calls, there is a big chance that it will only worsen if they hire these types of contractors.