To enhance the beauty of the place whether it may be office or home, you need to organize the place well. Along with the interiors, furnishings the flooring of your place also enhance the beauty and make it look more elegant. The carpets add more beauty to the floor and are required to be placed at certain places in your house. Many people choose to have a carpet in the living room area at the sit out place. Adding a carpet to this sitting area in your living room will give a rich and luxurious feel to the room. Selection of the carpet is also very crucial. You should be selective in the fabric, patterns, colours of the carpet. The carpet pattern and color should compliment the theme and color of the room. And it should also match the color and themes of the furnishings. Any odd colors that doesn’t match your room or furniture colour would affect the beauty of your room. So, you should be careful while selecting the pattern and color of the carpet. You have to select the best quality carpet by noticing the weight and density of the carpet. The carpet cushions will improve your comfort. It helps in the easy maintenance of the carpet. You can buy different types of carpets and you can have huge options at the carpet supplier singapore. You can easily check the quality and select the best carpets.

Know more information about the carpets:

  • You need to know some terms before you buy a carpet for your house. To know the quality of the carpet, you have to understand some terms that are used by the manufacturers while selling their carpets.
  • The fibres are the materials used to manufacture a carpet. These single fibres are attached to one another and woven together to form the carpet. The pile of the carpet will explain about the height if the fibres. The pile is also known as nap or face.
  • The density of the carpets is the measure of the packing of the fibres. It will suggest whether the fibres are closely packed or not. The density of the carpet determines the quality of the carpet.
  • The face weight is referred as the amount of fibre present on the surface. The more face weight on the surface of your carpet refers to the higher comfort and durability. The texture of the fibres varies from one carpet to the other. The pattern may be twisted, looped or cut. It also will determine the look of the carpet.
  • The twist in the carpets refers to the number of times a fibre turned around for an inch length.


Hope you got an idea on the types of carpets.