Global warming is one of the biggest problems that we are facing these days. Everyone is doing the best they could to somehow reverse the effect of this natural occurrence. This is why we should save our trees. If you have a tree in your backyard, do not leave it for granted. Like our plants and flowers, trees also need maintenance. They need our help. For these instances, we need to find qualified arborists providing tree work & tree consultancy services.

Why Hire An Arborist?

Many homeowners think that they don’t really need an arborist. But if you do not have someone to cut off the diseased or dangerous branches or knowledge on how to save a diseased tree, then this is when you need a Melbourne Arborists. Here are the reasons why:

  • Arborists Are Trained. They are trained in proper tree care. They learned both the art and science when it comes to caring for the tree, tree planting, as well as maintenance. If you need someone to prune the tree in your backyard or remove and diagnose diseases, or maybe insect treatments, arborists would be able to provide you with a proper solution.

  • Arborists Can Help Protect Your Property Value. If you are concerned about your property value, then you need arborists if you have trees surrounding your home. Trees are not only there to provide shade, but they can also give your home with an additional appeal. In fact, they can add value to your property. This is why proper tree care is considered as an investment.
  • Arborists Work Safely. There’s a lot of risks that you have to take into consideration when working on a tree. Not only should you be concerned about your safety, but also with your property or your neighbors’. Removing or just pruning trees, especially the big ones are very dangerous. Debris can come down and can cause more problems. Arborists know what they are doing.
  • Arborists Are Experienced. Not only do the arborists have the experience, but they also have the right tools in order to work safely with a tree. Melbourne Arborists have access to everything that they need to deliver fast and safe tree service and maintenance.
  • Arborists Handle Storm Damage. After a storm, one of the main concerns is the trees. Some have been severely affected, while others can be potentially dangerous to the residents. An arborist would be able to help you clean up debris and also minimize property damage. They can also diagnose whether the tree was damaged and needs to be removed.

Arborists vs Landscaper: Are They Different?

For most homeowners, there is little to no difference when talking about an arborist and a landscaper. Little did they know that both are way too different from each other. This would depend on your tree as well as your lawn care needs. Differentiating them is important so that you know whom to call in case you need proper tree care.

  • The Landscaper. A landscaper’s task would include landscape as well as hardscape installation, proper care for your lawn, and irrigation installation and maintenance. They also do mulching, preparation of the garden bed, and shrub pruning. This means that a landscaper is not equipped with the training and tools needed to do correct and safe arboricultural operations.
  • The Arborist. On the other hand, an arborist is a highly trained individual to work with dangerous equipment. They also have knowledge of pruning standards. Most of them have liability insurance to protect themselves as well as the homeowners against property damage.

In short, if you need lawn TLC, then you are looking for a landscaper. But if you are in need of an expert in trees, then you have to call an arborist. They are the ones who can work even with huge trees in your backyard.