Water is our daily need. Ur body needs water to stay hydrated. It is helpful to intoxicate our body, improving minerals content, and increase the fluid level. You get a natural glow on your skin when you drink around 8L of water daily as suggested by the doctors. It is proven and is true. It is the one thing you need to have as it will improve your health. But, when the water is dirty the opposite happens. You get very sick. Stomach infections, diarrhea, and more diseases arise. Bad water quality has resulted in a lot of deaths in these past years.

The necessity of pure water

Even though we know that 70% of the Earth is water, only a small portion as tiny as 3% is for our use as other is saline. And again in that 3%, half of it is underground and most of it is stagnant. Sometimes the underground water is stagnant too with dirt and sand while other reasons for water getting bad are prolonged storage, breeding of mosquitoes, frogs in well, insects, and many more. In this mayhem of diseases spreading through the one thing which is very important for every single human being, ‘purity’ and ‘safe’ factors come to mind.

It has become very important to clean and purify the water that you use even though it looks clean because you cannot the minute microorganisms that may be breeding in it. There are so many companies that have introduced various products like aquaguard and purifiers for us to consume pure water. These machines work with both electricity and manually. They use a filter and are made of plastic, stainless steel, and other metals that do not catch any rust or react with H20 (water).

Benchtop water purifiers

Ever heard of- Benchtop filters

Other than these mechanically working filters, there are some filters that are made from natural materials like ceramic, terracotta, and white clay. One of the companies that manufacture such filters is Australis. There is another type known as benchtop water purifier that is also known as countertop water filters urns. They have a lot of beneficial properties.

  • These are very much portable so that it is easy for you to carry around.
  • These natural earthen materials are free from pollutants and chemicals that may affect the water quality.
  • They remove unwanted chemicals like chlorine and fluoride from the water.
  • The water after purification tastes better and is fully biologically and naturally clean.
  • It is suitable for small places.
  • They come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. You get a wide variety to choose from.

Benchtop water purifier is getting much more popular now after the health benefits it holds has come forward lately. Even though the electrically working purifiers do a good job with cleaning the water, they tend to break down and require regular replacement of the filters. Basically, the maintenance cost is high. But, these urns that are all natural and safe will increase your health and help you with a lot of benefits. Benchtop water purifier is a must buy!