In this day and age, our environment is suffering a lot. And this is from the bad practices that humans are doing. The world is filled with plastics and wastes. And this is the reason why people from all around the world are doing everything to save the world. Sustainable living is one of the most useful things to do. So if you want to join the worldwide effort in starting to make a change, here are the 5R’s that you can try.

Reduce Waste Production

One of the very first things to do is to prevent the accumulation of waste. Even though recycling is a very effective way to start sustainable living, the goal is to reduce waste from all around the world. So how do you go for zero waste at home? Only keep things that you are regularly using. De-clutter and avoid purchasing items that you don’t need. To help reduce your purchases, reduce your usage of disposable items. Buy biodegradable products like the wooden ice cream spoons that you can purchase online.

Reuse Products

The next thing to do is to reuse the products that you already own or by someone else. You can visit garage sales and find something that you can reuse. You can also switch from single-use products and use reusables instead. Now that you have de-cluttered, you can start donating items that you will not be using anymore.

Go ‘Eco-Friendly’ At Home

Recycle Items

The last thing in this mantra is to recycle non-biodegradable items. This practice is being taught continuously at school. So there is no excuse for not doing it at home. There are so many things that you can recycle. So while at home, make sure that you have a ‘recycling bin.’ This way, you will know if you have any items that you can recycle to prevent you from purchasing any items that you can make on your own using some of your trash.

Refuse Some Products

You can always refuse using products that you know can create waste. For example, instead of using plastic bags at the grocery, you can bring your bag. Always say NO to single-use products and turn to items that you can use multiple times or something biodegradable. Also, you can refuse even at work. If given something that you don’t need at work, refuse politely.

Rot (Use Biodegradable Products)

The last thing in the 5Rs is “rot.” Yes, you have to use products that will rot on its own. You also have to learn how to do composting, grasscycling, and mulching. This way, you can make the fertilizer that you can use for your backyard garden. If you have your homemade compost, you can reduce your need to buy one.

When it comes to helping save the world, there are so many things that you can do, even at home. So why not try the 5Rs today and teach this to your children too. This way, even the younger generation can help save the ecosystem, even in their little ways.