Sunshine is one of the hostile that mostly affect outdoor screen, and most people are still unaware of the practical way that can be helpful to solve this issue. During the summer season, most people, especially in Europe, usually grab this opportunity to display their adverts through an outdoor privacy screen.

During summertime, not only will you see most outside on sunlight, but also they will carry out many activities outside. So, they mostly require a suitable outdoor screen for their various activities such as adverts, entertainment, and much more. The outdoor screen has made advertising more beneficial in several aspects.

Impact of sunshine on the outdoor screen

However, sunlight has been the characteristic hostile to the outdoor screen. Luckily, there are various ways you can use control of its effects on the screen. It has been a common issue experienced when people are watching Television on an open sunlight surrounding. Here are various effects of sunlight on a screen:

Causes a Glare

Sunlight usually causes a glare when it reflects off on a screen that it even forces the viewer to close down the curtains.

outdoor privacy screen

Affects the Brightness level of a Screen

Brightness impact on the screen is another issue that typically affects most modern displays. Whether it is a consumer or commercial based screen, all of them are usually designed with 500 nits’ brightness level.

 Unfortunately, this level usually is not adequate to endure the sunlight brightness level. In a situation whereby a sun is brighter than that of the screen, it can leave the TV washed out, and eventually, it remains invisible.

Cause the screen to overheat

Screen overheat is another problem that causes by direct sunlight. It happens especially when the sun directly beams onto the TV. So, continuous heating on the TV can make the screen overheat excessively, and eventually, it can damage the screen.

How to protect the screen from the sun

Some consideration must be taken to take advantage of digital signage. Therefore, there are practical ways you can use to protect your screen from direct sunlight. Therefore, you can decide to choose an ideal position and location perfectly.

Additionally, in other places where you can change the position to avoid direct sunlight, you can use the anti-glare membrane. You can as well place it on an outdoor privacy screen so that it can cope up with the sun’s brightness. The brightest screen usually releases an output three times more compared to the conventional business-grade screen.


Typically, it usually displays a picture as higher 1500 nits. Therefore, it is enough to make sure that sunlight doesn’t wash out TV’s image. It also ensures signage is readable regardless of how the sun is bright.