Looking for the platform where you can buy wooden furniture, then you can rely on the quality furniture company. In this company, you will get a variety of wooden furniture which includes the bedroom set, beds, chests, dining tables, dining chairs, kids furniture, and sofas, etc at a very affordable price. At this company, you can create the account if you want to purchase the product, but if you don’t want to purchase the furniture at first, then you can easily browse the option and chose the products you want to buy, and after that, you can register yourself in this platform.

Free Delivery from the 1StopBedrooms furniture company:

  • White Glove: In this delivery option the specialists’ team of this company which is highly trained and experienced to fulfil the home delivery services. Once the customer product is ready to deliver, a representative of the team will contact with you for discussing which time is suitable for you to receive the delivery of your products. Once you give the confirmation of the receiving your product delivery, then the professional team of workers will bring your furniture at your home and place the product at home at first place of your residences such as an apartment, room, garage, store room, and foyer, etc. The box will not be unpacked by the workers in this delivery option.

1StopBedrooms furniture company

  • Gold White Glove: If you chose this delivery method, a team of workers would bring the furniture at your home an place the furniture inside your home at the room you have to choose for this product. In this method, the workers can bring the product to your home if your home is on the 2nd floor of the building. But if your home is in the 3rd or 4th floor, then you can talk with the customer support executive if you want that your product will be delivered at your residence in the 3rd or 4th floor.
  • Platinum White Glove: In this delivery option it includes everything, and the team of workers will do the complete setup of the furniture at home without any issue. They also bring the entire tools for which are required for the setup of the furniture which includes the screwed and bolted together. The team will also unpack the whole product if you told or requested by you to them. If you need this delivery service, then you can contact them in advance.