Wood flooring is seen as a luxurious aspect of the interior of a house. It provides an elegant and classy look to the hose and increases its cost. There are many types of wood flooring like Solid wood flooring and Engineered wood flooring. Engineered wood flooring is also known as layered timber wood flooring. American Walnut wood flooring is a famous type of engineered wood flooring. It is engineered by joining various layers of wood. The top layer was a solid hardwood layer which gives it an elegant and classy look like a normal solid wood flooring.

In this process, the plywood and high-density fiberboards are joined perpendicularly with minimal gaps and glued and it has good dimensional stability. It is glued perpendicularly to minimize the gap between the layers of wood and minimizes the expansion and contraction that occurs due to the natural quality of wood.

There is a wide range of varieties available in the market. Engineered wood is available in various varieties of colors, training, and staining. The most common varieties are oak natural, oak whitewash,  oak-Ebony, oak Рmidnight black, walnut.

  • Durability: This engineered wood has high dimensional stability and structural strength. This stability prevents the dimensional changes of the wood due to climatic variations. So it can be used in places like a walk-in.
  • Affordable: It is much affordable than solid wood because only the top layer is made of solid hardwood. So it is pocket-friendly. The texture, feel,¬† gives a luxurious look on a low budget.
  • Eco-Friendly: It is eco-friendly as it is made of ethically sourced materials.
  • Comfortable for feet: As it is made of natural materials it feels good to walk on and comfortable for your feet.

It can be personalized according to the customers and location of its use. It is available in various colors, textures, and graining. Each plank is unique on its own. It can be personalized according to the interior design.

What makes the engineered  walnut wood flooring special?

  • It has a beautiful appearance.
  • Varied grains in terms of color and pattern.
  • The color ranges from creamy to deep brown and black and purple tints.
  • It is stable and reliable.
  • Very resilient for moisture.

This kind of flooring gives the interior an elegant look and lifts the entire look of the interior. It can be laid on underneath flooring, so the warmth can be felt underneath the foot in the winter mornings. It is constructed on 21mm thick supreme wood so it is stable and reliable. Though it is less common than oak it gives a timeless, long-lasting, and beautiful effect. This engineered wood has its advantage over solid hardwood and also budget-friendly for the users.