The mouse, rabbits, squirrels can also be called rodents. The rodents are a fast climber they also emit musky odors and they can be able to jump. The rodents are also capable of fitting their bodies in small holes in the house. The rodents don’t usually like bright lights, they are most active in dawn and nightfall. Rodents don’t usually go out during the day except if they are seeking for food or their nest is being disturbed. Rodents have usually in both jaws a single pair of teeth with a chisel-shape edge. they love to bite things. There bite can lead to painful and deadly health problems. Rodents bite is not threatening, except if they are being threatened, pressured or scared. Their bites can also lead to death. rodents carried many diseases including leptospirosis, salmonella hantavirus and more. Rodents can be considered as dirty pests. Some rodents live barns, basement, storage boxes, especially in attics. Rodents also live in dirty homes where they can live and seek foods especially the leftover. rodents are very frisky that’s why people get scared of them. They suddenly appear in front of you in an unexpected way which makes you startle and panic.

How to eliminate rodents from entering the house

Rodents keep entering your house due to holes, cracks, and gaps. Thus, it is very important to know the rodent control singapore. To prevent them from entering, you need to fill and repair the holes and other areas they can enter. Set traps for them to prevent. Destroy their habitats, it’s one of the reasons they are occupying the house. Throw the leftovers, don’t feed them.

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Cleaning the house can be a big help not to entice them from staying. To prevent rodents from staying in the house, tidy it by doing general cleaning and regular inspections. Cut the trees near your house, it is the cause why rodents keep coming in. The cats are the rodent’s natural predators. It helps eliminating the rodents in the house. If there is a cat, the rodents can’t walk free. These are helpful ways to prevent them from staying and let them decide of evacuating.

How to treat rodents bite

Rodent bites are also infectious, it can lead to life-threatening, especially if it is severe. Rodents bite is not aggressive, except if they feel pressured. Rodents may not serious, but can also be infected and the bacteria may spread and become severe. If you got bitten by rodents you must first stop the bleeding. After the bleeding stops, wash your hands with clean soap and water. Apply antibiotic ointment and cover it with a clean, dry dressing. Watch if the infections got severe. If it is severe, go to the hospital and took a check-up.