In recent year the Scandinavian Home Decor has given rise to aesthetics. It is the cosy, uncluttered and perfect blend of a minimalistic look. This is accessible by the general public as well. Thanks to Scandinavian Home Interior Brand which have made things fit for any space and decor. To get a deeper look, here are some brands that you find in Scandinavia. This makes life better.

  • Fern living: the style of crisp with plenty of materials and colour. These variations give an ever-looking style to your house. The Fern Living brand plays with dimensions and shapes of these decor agents. This gives a fresh and amazing look and iseasily accessible. Originally it was conceived as a graphic design studio but it’s evident thinking and style-focused thinking has made it recognisable in furniture designs. These designs can be enjoyed by everyone in their everyday life.
  • Hay:Hay is a Danish Firm that collaborates with designers which produce original concepts of design. But the designs speak in one language. The designs are light-hearted and colourful. It plays with colour, classic furniture, silhouettes and details of the decor. These are mainstays in Scandinavia and gives a new life to a contemporary style of living.

Scandinavian Home Interior Brand

  • Muuto’s:this brand has a great collection and a blend of family home objects and forwards perspective thinking. The outstanding and catchy designs and craftsmanship maketheir furniture pieces great for a contemporary home.
  • Menu:the architecture and designs are beautiful. The designs are practical decor item that gives a distinctive look that blends with the passage of time. Menu makes furniture which is very useful and had a seamless design.
  • By Lassen: The designs of By Lassen encompasses simplicity and refinement. They build on the renowned architects Fleming Lassen and Mogan. This brand transforms the Bauhaus into today’s new era of Scandinavia decor.
  • Marimekko:It originated in Finland in 1951 as a daring decor brand with different designs. Later it grew into a well know decor brand still keeping its eye-catchy and stunning designs. They have iconic prints, both session old and new. They have cheerfulness and playful character which transcends age and time.
  • Gubi:Founded in 1967, the main objective of Gubi is a blend of cutting-edge designs and talent emerging. They relaunched iconic designs with inventive ideas. The result is aesthetic and amazing to look at.

These were some of the amazing brands for home decor and home furnishing.