Is HOA legal?

The homeowners association which is also called as the HOA has its own rules and regulations. The HOAs vary from place to place. It all depends on how big the community is and where it is located. Every HOA has its own document. The documents would have the CC&Rs which is the covenants, conditions, and restrictions.It also has the rules and regulations mentioned in detailed in the document. These documents would be as per the process how the community functions.There is no hard fast rule that the HOAs should follow the said guide lines.The board of directors can customize the rules and regulation as per the requirement of the association. Since it’s a group of people and the goal is to maintain and keep the building clean there cannot be a set of rules. It would all depend on the needs of the association. However the common points which would be a part of the document would be the rights and roles and responsibilities of the homeowners.

The powers and responsibilities of the Board of directors also would be mentioned in the document. The document would help to protect the value of the communities property. It will also be easy for circulation and to be referred in time of need. There may be a large group of people in the community and all may not be available for all the meetings. It is important to document things and circulate it to the group. Also in case there are new members in the group and if there is any change in the board of directors its also helpful to have things documented and to maintain a record of the changes for easy reference. HOA management company San Antonio has. It is famous and reputed. The HOA communities would follow their local and federal laws. This way we can say they are legal in nature. However the rules and regulations vary from one association to other. Mostly we have observed that the policies would be within the guidelines like usage of swimming pool or the common areas and fencing etc.

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Let’s see the uses of having document in place for HOA:

  • The rules and regulations are documented.
  • There is a record of the things to do and not to do.
  • It’s easy to keep a track book of the rules and if any changes are being done to the rules.
  • They can be referred in case anyone from the association has any doubts.


HOAs are gaining popularity with the increase in modern homes in today’s society.As the approach of people are changing from independent homes to apartments.The more the need for HOAs is increasing. They would need a group of people to take care of the day to day activities of the common area of the community and HOA would be the best approach to do this.