Helpful Tips When Preparing Your Home For A Window Installation

Replacing your windows is a great investment, especially if you are after increasing the value of your home or updating its aesthetics. Some homeowners do it to cut down their energy expenses. If you are already scheduled to have your windows replaced, there are a couple of things that you can do to make sure that everything is ready. Before the installation team arrives, there are a couple of things that you can do.

Preparing For Window Installation

If you have an average-sized home, window replacements can take days to complete. For larger homes or those with more stories and windows, the window installation of replacement would take longer to finish. You wouldn’t want to prolong this project. This is why you need to do the necessary preparations. Here are a few tips that you can follow:

  • Clear A Path Inside And Outside The House. During the day of the window installation, installers would need to walk in and out of your house and move from room to room. There is a possibility that they would bring oversized and heavy windows. This is why you have to make sure that for safety purposes, clear a path for them. Make sure that they have an unobstructed way. You can move furniture and other things inside and outside the home that can block their path.
  • Take Down Window Accessories. Remove anything from your window – curtains, blinds, sheers, and even interior shutters, trimmings, and hardware. These will only lengthen the installation process and you would want to waste your installers time by taking these down once they are already on site. Also, remove any hangings on walls that are near your windows.

Window Installation

  • Verify If Dust Covers Are Needed. Before the installation, make sure that you ask the contractor what they plan to cover so you can prepare ahead of time and decide which to cover on your own. There are contractors who put their own drop cloths by also, do this in your end to take extra precautions and protection for your furniture that are near your windows.
  • Conserve As Much Energy As You Can. While they are working on your windows, there is no way for you to eliminate cooling and heating losses. What you can do instead is to turn off your A/C or heater during the installation schedule.
  • Be Present During The Installation. It is best if you are present during the installation of your new windows. If in any case that you cannot make it, make sure that there is someone – a friend or family member, who can be there on your behalf. If you have an alarm system, contact your providers to ensure that it is disabled during the window installation until the time that the project is completed.

Making sure that your house is ready for window installation is very important. This is going to be a major work so you need to plan ahead. Give yourself a couple of weeks to prepare. Adjust the schedule as needed. This preparation may be too much work for you, but everything will be worth it. This effort will not only help the installation crew but also cut down the installation times and reduce any risk of possible accidents.