Best Features of One Pearl Bank Apartments in Chinatown, Singapore

CapitaLand Residential Skyscrapers

CapitaLand took initiation to redevelop the old structure of Old Pearl Bank Apartments that are situated in Chinatown, Singapore. It is because of them that today One Pearl Bank is getting redesigned by two world’s leading architects as Singapore’s most beautiful residential skyscraper that is 39story building and occupied with 774 units. This new structure is spread across 86,000 sq ft area on 99 years old land with a different look but offering all the modern amenities to the residents to make their living much better and convenient. Become part of this eye-catching newly designed structure, which is a high-rise project than the previous build structure. This project has thus the potential of drawing numerous buyer’s attention to sale the units who are local to Singapore and moved here from other locations.

Best Features of One Pearl Bank Apartments by CapitaLand:

One Pearl Bank Condo by CapitaLand is sure to make residents experience the joy of living a heritage lifestyle that is built amidst nature in the eco-friendly environment. This new venture of CapitaLand thus ensures the interested buyers to purchase their choice of penthouse and studio apartments ranging in size between 430 sq ft and 2,800 sq ft.

The new structure of One Pearl Bank today is not only known as residential house place, but it will also come to known for sky allotment gardens which are vertically arrayed and offer the glimpse of future gardens on roof terraces rather than ground ones. This new structure is built in collaboration between experienced architects of the world who belong to Singapore and London in the form of two towers each having 39 floors with 18 gardens in each tower making it first skyscraper.

One Pearl Bank Apartments in Chinatown

Not only Urban farmers it gives equal opportunity to the aspiring farmers and residents to grow their plants that are categorized into trees, shrubs, spices, flowering plants and many more in these gardens that are spread across 60, 000 sq ft area on CapitaLand Condo Tower. The new design of each tower thus gives a glimpse of an open sky terrace along with roof gardens. Benefit the amenities offered in the form of walking track, children’s play area, and swimming pool with sun deck, indoor and outdoor gym, a lounge, a guard house, function hall, and an impressive alfresco dining area.

Redefine your lifestyle by investing your money to own a unit inside of this robust structure that is featured with all modern amenities to improve the charm of the city. The main aim of this company is to offer high rise living to the residents of Singapore who are aspiring to live rest of their life in serene and exquisite lifestyle that is situated atop Pearl’s Hill and is surrounded by numerous beautiful gardens.


The One Pearl Bank Apartments situated in Pearl’s Hill City Park is getting ready shortly to transformed into a social space and playground for the inhabitants of One Pearl Bank apartments who were evacuated from their homes to redevelop the entire old structure. It will be a refreshing spot to all the working people when they are back after a tiring day as it is also going to take the shape of beautiful skyscraper gardens and roof terrace gardens.