As a homeowner, there are many problems you need to deal with to provide the desired comfort in your house for you and your family members. Nevertheless, many issues originate from one specific problem, which most homeowners usually neglect despite how much it can be crucial. As a professional air sealing contractor in Toronto explains, air leakage is the root of all kinds of evil in client homes. Many issues and difficulties are considered the results of air leakage, such as icicles, ice dams, overheated or cold rooms, indoor asthma, allergies, etc. It shows you how air leakage can affect all parts of your house and why air sealing is essential to solving your home problems. Air sealing is one of the five priorities of home performance which is unfortunately overlooked by many homeowners, leading to unnecessary additional costs and energy waste. Air sealing is a systematic finding and sealing of air leakage points throughout all sections of your home. The process of air sealing requires adequate dexterity and experience, which is why you need to hire an air-sealing contractor if you are interested in preventing all further problems we mentioned. Here we provide all the vital information you need before starting the process.

Air leakage measurement: during the air sealing process, it’s necessary to measure how much air leaks and detect the spots of the problem. The air leakage is usually measured with a blower door by professional contractors, which looks like a small fan attached to your door.

Air sealing for small houses: many people believe that the process of air sealing is only done in big places, but it’s just one of the common myths! The experienced air sealing contractor can observe the situation and suggest the best possible way of air sealing according to your home condition.

Know About Air Sealing

The escaped air: air leakage in different parts of your house can provide ways for the heat and cool air to get out, leading to a significant waste of your money. Furthermore, you might be surprised when you understand your house is likely to leak 1.5 to 3 times as it should be, which should be a good reason to convince you to begin the air sealing process.

Air leakage in the attic: your attic is one of the common places where air leakage can happen and cause ice dams and other problems. In addition to having proper attic insulation, it’s vital to seal the air around your attic place to prevent further issues.

Optimal leakage rate: your house will naturally change the indoor air once every 3 hours. It describes why experts say that the optimal air leakage for an ordinary house is 0.35 air changes per hour. However, most homes are very leaky, making them change the indoor air every 30 to 60 minutes which isn’t desirable compared to the optimal leakage rate.

Remember to consult with a skilled air sealing contractor and ask their opinion about the best way of air sealing matched to your house’s condition and needs.