Table, office chair, laptop and mouse: Basically, a workplace is set up quickly. However, it is worth investing a little more time in designing the work environment. If you take a few tips to heart when setting up your workplace and know about the advantages of ergonomics, you can look forward to good health and higher performance in the long term.

The aim of ergonomic work is to adapt the working conditions as best as possible to the needs of the people who do the work. In this way, health burdens are to be avoided, which can arise from always performing the same sequences of movements or from too little movement in everyday life. There are many office chairs for sale singapore, so think twice before you buy a chair so that employees can sit comfortably.

A classic example of the importance of ergonomics is the computer workstation. Employees spend many hours a day in the same posture. If the desk and the technical equipment are not tailored to individual needs, back pain and tension can arise. Chronic musculoskeletal disorders are possible in the long term. It is therefore worth investing in an ergonomically designed workplace .

At the same time, awareness of ergonomics in the workplace should be raised. If employees have the appropriate basic knowledge, they can recognize warning signs from the body at an early stage and actively improve their situation. Breaks in which you take a few steps, for example, are an ideal way to prevent complaints.

The materials from which ergonomic chairs

Adjust the chair

An ergonomic chair is important for a comfortable sitting position. The correct setting of your office chair is crucial:

Seat height : Put your feet flat on the floor. Knees and hip joints form an angle of at least 90 degrees. Warning: shoes with heels change the recommended chair height.

Seat depth : The distance between the back of the knees and the front edge of the seat is around five centimeters.

Height of the backrest : The inside curvature of the backrest is at the level of the iliac crest. Your back rests against the backrest.

Backrest dynamics : The backrest is unblocked so that it can be moved backwards and your spine is repeatedly stressed differently.

Backrest resistance : If you weigh heavier – and when you readjust the chair – choose a higher resistance. Turning it clockwise increases the resistance.

If ones company does not have a permanent workplace for employees, you should check when you start work whether your respective office chair allows you to sit in an ergonomic position.