Buying a new buildstelford‌‌ site is different from buying a regular house. In addition to obtaining an energy performance certificate.

Your lawyer must find the following information on site before making a sale:

Access: you will need a good right of access to property, and you do not have to pay extra for maintaining the road. As a rule, an agreement is formed between the developer of the site and the local authority. According to this agreement, the developer of the site is responsible for maintaining the farm’s roads until they are accepted (supported by public funds). The developer, as a rule, receives insurance from their consent.

Planning Permission: Your lawyer will verify that planning permission has been obtained for your property and will find out if any conditions were attached to this grant. If the permission is accompanied by conditions (as is often the case), you must make sure that the developer has fulfilled them.

Building codes: the developer of your property must obtain the consent of building codes. Building codes provide a set of standards for the building industry to adhere to the use of certain materials and methods used. Local governments have an unlimited period of retroactive effect to enforce new builds telford‌‌, and there may be significant fines if consent is not obtained.

new builds telford‌‌

What else is needed before exchanging contracts?

Your transfer lawyer will develop a sales contract for you. The contract should contain provisions guaranteeing that the property ends in accordance with the agreed standard after its completion. An example of something that the parties usually agree on is the rights to slavery and the covenant on property. You must ensure that these rights are included; the right to access, the right to travel, the right to sewage, water and sewage and the right to use all pipes and cables for public services.

Although this is not contained in the contract, in most cases the following agreements should be obtained to protect the buyers of new builds telford‌‌. This may be especially true if you buy an apartment:

Structural guarantees: the developer and / or his contractors must provide a structural guarantee. This means that if, unfortunately, property suffers from structural problems, and you can apply for compensation. Structural defect covers not only the external composition, but also internal problems, such as poor plaster and finish.

Also, if possible, it is useful to obtain a certificate of approval from a professional leader present on the site (such as an architect); this person should be able to guarantee the structural quality of the property.


Considering the differences in the acquisition of a newbuilds site, it is especially important that whenbuilds telford‌‌ site.