Seismic safety and energy efficiency: essential design requirements

Building a house also means creating a building that ensures maximum comfort for those who live there, respects the environment and is completely safe. While on the existing heritage it is necessary to act a posteriori and “correct” what does not work, in a new construction the seismic safety, energy efficiency and sustainability are real design criteria, to be considered from the beginning-. A sustainable and efficient home is an advantage both for the environment and for the owners, as high performance ensures savings over time on the management and maintenance costs of the building new home builders in malvern.

Sustainability must be sought right from the preliminary project, but it is by choosing every detail that you can get a concrete idea of ​​the results achieved.

What happens when the construction site begins

In addition to drafting the project, it is essential to be able to count on all the workers necessary to carry out and execute the project. Among these there is, of course, the construction company to whom to entrust the work. In the drafting phase of the contract with the chosen construction company , aspects are defined such as the appointment of the construction manager , delivery times , any penalties relating to delays and a specification with unit prices useful for payment during the progress of the jobs.

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Very often it may be necessary to prepare the ground before starting work, for example by clearing it of rocks or other obstacles for excavation. Once this is done, you are ready to start with the construction of the house , which will start from the excavation and construction of the foundations , the bases of the house. Follow the load-bearing structures and then the rear-end collisions , l ‘ isolation , the  internal partitions , the installations and fixtures .

Only in a final phase will all the finishes be carried out , laying the floors, plasters and so on. During all phases of the construction site, the technicians who followed the project will support the clients to deal with the last choices to be made and any unforeseen and / or problems.

In the meantime we will also proceed with the realization of the executive project , with which the materials, systems and various finishing works will also have to be defined in detail , always with a careful assessment of the construction cost relating to each alternative. The executive project will also see the structures and technologies chosen for the construction of the house defined in detail, depending on whether it is in reinforced concrete, masonry or wood.