The ten questions to ask yourself before painting your home

Painting your home can be an arduous job. Whether you are renting out your home after your old tenants have left, or selling your property. This is a perfect time to get your home painted by a professional. Many property management Auckland wide agencies hold the view that a good paintwork is essential. A good paintwork can maximise your property value or attract good tenants for that matter. Oaks Property, an established Property Service Auckland wide, maintains the same opinion. “Owing to our experience in management of investment properties, family homes, and apartments, we clearly acknowledge a good paintwork before proceedings.” adds one of Oaks Property team member.

So what are the 10 big questions that should be asked yourself or your painter whom you have chosen? These questions identify and address key requirements before a property is getting a paintwork. These questions encompass the right approach towards a successful paintwork that will last for long. And often recommended by various property management Auckland wide agencies.

  • How do I know who will do the job best?

            There are few things you should look in a painter before hiring them for work. See if they show up on time for a meeting, check their profile and reviews, and lastly look closely through their quote for all the detail mentioned. Make sure there are no hidden costs and everything is clear from the beginning. Your local Property Service Auckland can give you a good idea as well.

  • WIll I be charged for a deposit?

            If it’s a large property or the paintwork is of large scale then definitely. But if it’s just small touch-ups or small tasks then no need for a deposit. Most landlords get in touch with their local property management Auckland agency for an expert advise.

  • Are all paints the same?

            No, depending on vendors they differ from each other. Even a single vendor has different types of paint available in the market.

  • What color should I choose for the Paint?

            It depends solely on the interior of your house, the artwork, and the furniture them you have. In short, it’s all up to you, but it’s best to choose a color that compliments the house furniture and artwork or interior of the house.

  • Should I opt for regular paint maintenance?

            Most painters would suggest your home needs a regular paint maintenance and they will offer you a good price. Oaks Property, a leading agency for property service Auckland suggest landlords that it’s a good practice. Especially if you want to maintain cleanliness of your property and keep the paintwork safe for a long time.RealEstate

  • Should I do the painting myself?

            You can, if its small touchup or a single room, but the level of finish may still differ.

  • Usually how many coats of paint are done?

            It’s a 3 tier coat, the primer and the two supplementary top coats.

  • Why are some paints expensive than the others?

            Depending on the finish, some have flat others semi-gloss and some have a high gloss finish.

  • Can I get a Free Quote?

            Most painters provide a free quote after they visit the site. Again consult your property management Auckland agency to get a list of recommended painters for you.

  • Should I worry about my furniture and other belongings, because of the paint work?

            Absolutely not, they can handle the content of the house quite well. They will just need few covers from you so they can cover the furniture from the paint and dirt.